Thursday, June 08, 2006


Fashion Revue '08


This winter it is all about capes, tartan, leather and lace. You can be a bad girl or boy again, by wearing clothes with embrace texture and structured shapes. BLACK is BACK!

The tunic will be seen a lot, like a skirt which can be weared with pants. Most of the pants are small. But wide pants can't be left out this winter. Colours like yellow, red, dark brown, pink and purple are good to wear. But of course the colours black, white and grey are always nice.

Shoes, handbags and accessories.

It is not only the high heels that are in, but you will see the low heels as well as the high heels for every occasion. The colour grey for boots is unfamiliar but this season a really trend.

After a season with a lot of very big bags, are the little ones back again. And of course the ones that matches your outfit are the best!

How many you wear that better. And they are big and they are the eyecathers of your outfit!

Pelagia is a Fashionista at large and MD Fashion Scene contributing writer. She can be reached at

June 26 2009:
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