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We want to introduce you to Macedonian musician, Marga Sotirovska!

It all started when she was 5 years old after getting a Yamaha Synthesizer, which she calls the Greatest present in the world. At 13 years old she began taking private piano music lessons. Soon she discovered that her main interest was the technology of making music, so she started investing in her own music studio and in gathering as much knowledge as she could about composing and producing.
She received a diploma in music production, mastering engineering and recording from “Enterprise”, one of the biggest music studios in Macedonia. Over the next two years she became the assistant to Valentino Skenderovski, the owner of the “Enterprise" music school and studio. There she has worked on many projects, composing, recording and mixing music for various singers and bands but also for commercials and television.

For example, she made the music for the television show, "Look Models 2005" and maybe you have heared her songs being played while heading for Macedonia when she made her third album "Lounge Music by Marga" sponsored by Austrian Airlines intended for Radio broadcasting, cafe bars and restaurants.

Marga has been finding herself on several Macedonian top music charts and represented Macedonia at the international music industry symposium, the "MIDEM" festival in Cannes. She just released her new album "Beat of the old Bazar" in December 2006, by Oasis Productions, Canada.
Now, Marga is busy with her new album in her own studio, which will be released this year and she works on some projects with Macedonian vocalists for their albums.

Hi Marga! Thank you for having this moment with MD.
You started very young with making music, is that also what you've always wanted to work? Or did you saw it rather as a hobby?

Music was and still is my biggest love. I do music as I breath, eat and sleep everyday of my life. If you ask anybody who knows me, about who is Marga, they will answer anything that’s connected with music! I wander sometimes, does the music make Me, or I make the Music?!

You got the synthesizer at age 5, were your parents or other family members also musicians?
Not really! My family is very addicted to music, but they are not musicians. I have more than 1000 cd’s at home, so I was growing up together with the sound of Mike Oldfield, Enya, Lorena McKennet, Jean Michel Jear, Enigma, Diana Krall, est.….
They only thought that this synthesizer would be very interesting toy for a small kid. But it happened to be Her life story!

You just released your new album, and your new one is coming up this year, do you also perform your music abroad? Holding concerts at festivals, nightclubs or at diaspora events?
I do my music mostly electronically, in studio. For now, my promotion is through selling my album digitally, by internet music sites, music review magazines and Cd stores worldwide.
I have had an experience working as a Dj a year/two, but only here, in Macedonia. My music career is going to tell me, where would be my next music performance abroad!

In what ways did your life change after your music got picked up?
I generally became happier and more fulfilled!
Mainly, I have more contacts with many musicians and producers around the world, many offers for music collaboration, offers from music companies for digital distribution and promotion of my tracks worldwide… I am also more interesting here in Macedonia and I am starting to work with our vocal artists on music projects.
Hey, I was very very happy when I got a call that I am going to sign a 5 year agreement with the Canadian Music production! I felt like big doors are opening them self’s in front of me and bright light said to me: “Marga, it’s your turn now! Go ahead!” And I am going and going…

Are you doing anything besides making music?
Yes, I work as a graphic designer in one design studio here in Skopje. I also do photography and make up – I enjoy in making people more beautiful as they are! Everything is spinning around The Aesthetics – the key word about anything!

How does your typicall day look like?
I get up around 9.00 am, go to work until 5.00-6.00 pm and do some designs. Then I go back home, take a deep breath to relax and I sit on my computer right away! I am doing some track, listening to music or chatting with my music friends by Myspace IM, Skype or something. Most nights I go out with my everyday friends, but If I have started some new track before, I don’t get out from my studio until tomorrow. I must finish my idea that’s flowing in my head those moments. I can not permit that momentary sound to disappear! I make the music the way I am listening it that moment!

From what or from where are you being inspired for your songs and compositions?
From my everyday life. My songs are my diary. If anyone understands my music, than he understands me! I listen the life and I speak only through my music!

What is your favourite work you have created in your life?
My last album I guess! I did it by my self, so I am very proud! I only sent a Cd with three tracks, and they sent me an agreement! It was so surprisingly strange and fast, but true!
If we talk about my tracks? I don’t have favourite track. I love all of my children in a same way!

Finally, what do you think of the Macedonia Daily website?
Best Regards to your website and the idea for making it. Great way to connect all Macedonians around the world and inform them about anything interesting and important about their nation and country.
I often become very emotionate when I read all those stories, brief news and information you release, no matter I am living in Macedonia.
Greetings to all Macedonians around the world!!!

MD: Thank you Marga very much for this interview, we certainly enjoyed it, and we want to wish you much luck and succes with your musical career. If you have some news, let MD know!

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