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"A Moment with....Emilija"

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Dear Macedonia Daily readers, today we got you a Moment with, “Bitolcanka” , Emilija!

She was elected as Bitola’s, “Najpufla” where she won a trip to Greece and that news even made it to several newspapers!

Hi Emilija! First of all thank you for having this interview and we wish to congratulate you with your title as "Najpufla". But we are all interested in what is the exact definition of "Najpufla"? You already said to Vest newspaper that it's a typical word from Bitola right?
Thank you for showing interest to make an interview with me. I would be delighted to answer your questions. Well, the title "Najpufla" is almost the same as miss, but in Bitola girls willing to get this title have to meet extra criteria in addition to being beautiful and smart. The potential "Najpufla" has to live in the urban city area, to be a stylish girl even on beach and to have good manners.

How did you end up at that contest anyway?
There is no criteria to enter this contest, all girls in
Bitola take part by being monitored by a jury that consists of three members secretly chosen by the organizer Goran Begovski -Begoto, the owner of the club "FX" where the event took place. That night together with my friends I was in "FX".The place was full of potential "Najpufla" girls. When the
announcement moment came, I was surprised and happy to hear my name. I was immediately taken to the stage and was given the rewards provided by the organizer and the sponsors.

What were the rewards?
A trip to Greece and gift certificates (vouchers) from a restaurant, a boutique, a hair salon and a cosmetic studio.

Do you have any modelling experience?
Well, not really but I have acted as a statist in Spielberg's "Peacemaker" and "Dust" by Milcho Mancevski, and have also appeared in couple of TV commercials.

Wow those are some big movies, That’s really cool! Do you also consider to go further in acting?
Why not,if there is some good offer ,I'll be glad to accept it ,because according to the oppinion of the responsible persones from the previous movies I was quite good in acting and fullfilment of the given tasks.

What do you do in your daily life?
I am a student of Economics in Skopje, department marketing .I also participate in public opinion research projects as a marketing agent and I am a distributor of beauty products. In my spare time I enjoy going out with my friends, dancing, riding rollerblades, playing tennis, listening to music and shopping.

Finally, what do you think of the Macedonia Daily website?
I heard about the Macedonia Daily website couple of months ago and since then I have been reading it. The website is very modern, well designed with many fresh information, interesting for Macedonians around the world. Greetings to all of them!

MD: Thank you Emilija very much! We want to wish you much luck in your career and a great time in Greece!

June 26 2009:
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