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"A Moment with....MIYATTA"

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The most of you will probably know Miyatta of her song "Veruvam vo sebe" which was a huge hit in Macedonia last year and she also participated in the Idols competition back in 2005. She is working on her first album and is also planning to make an english album afterwards.

This 27 year old singer with her wonderfull voice keeps amazing us, and she certainly did with her latest song; "Postojam" (Click to see)

This very emotional song goes about the Macedonian refugees from Aegean Macedonia who were forced to leave their homes in 1948. We believe many tears have been dropped by people when listening to it. The videoclip is a wonderfull compilation of symbolic and emotional scenes and pictures from that period and we can see MIYATTA herself in the style of an ancient Macedonian queen with a dress made of a map of Macedonia.

MIYATTA! Thank you for having this moment with MD.
We and many, many other Macedonians love your music! We got to know you with the song, Veruvam vo sebe which was very popular in Macedonia but also among the Diaspora. Let us start with asking you what your interesting name means? We are very curious!

MIYATTA is an artistic expression that includes my identity as a daughter of my father (his name was Mijat), and also it is a much unique and shorter expression to represent me with my music, internationally, than my real name, Natasha Mijatovic.
I am really glad to hear that the message carried in the "Veruvam vo sebe" was recognized and popular outside Macedonia. I thank you for that.

When did you start making music?
The audience here first got to know me through the Idol show in 2005, where I made it to the top 10 (for Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro). Later, in 2006, I took part in two festivals (national Eurovision contest, and Makfest) with two of my songs. But the spotlight happened in 2007 with Veruvam vo Sebe, which was the first of my songs for which i made a video.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
From my everyday life. I can never make up a story for any of the lyrics. What I do, is I concentrate on a feeling, a true emotion that happened at some point of my life, and i try to express it in the most suitable rhytmic manner. So for example, Veruvam vo Sebe is for my determination to walk the path of music, and the positive message is that i believe in my talent, and in the belssing that i carry within me. The following song was Volshpstva (Wonders) dedicated to my husband, but also to my everyday routine...Postojam is inspired by the pshychological torture that our southern neighbour is executing over us, etc...

Your new song "Postojam" is a beautifull and very emotional song about the Macedonian refugees who fled Aegean Macedonia. You have really touched many Macedonians with the song. Why did you decide to make this song? Do you have any link yourself to Aegean Macedonia? Do you have roots there? Or relatives who went through this tragedy?
I do not have Aegean Macedonian roots. The lyrics and the intention of this song is not to concentrate on their tragic saga. It is a message that Macedonians are higher beings, that we have outgrown the obstacles that Greeks have put down on us for centuries. But for the video I used materials from the Aegean tragic history because that is a part of our history. We must be aware that the people below us, have been capable of doing such a genocide in 1948, and that veto is just the lighter expression of their hatred towards us. I also wanted to remind all of the Macedonians, how Aegean Macedonians love their homeland country. And that is the way we all must love Macedonia in order to protect it from all the ones that dream of her destruction.

In the "Postojam" music video you are wearing a beautifull dress with a map of Macedonia on it. You look gorgeous by the way, like a Macedonian queen in the style of Kleopatra. Can you tell us something more about it? Who designed it?
The dress was painted by a young artist named Borkica Arsevska. The jewlery was borrowed from a jewlery shop Milosovski, downtown Skopje, and represents the traditional Macedonian bridal look. I wanted the combination of both to present the Goddes of Macedonia coming down the battlefiled and ecouraging her solders before battle. A metaphorical battle of course... I wanted to remind us that the spirit of Macedonia is alive. Maybe even more alive than ever. The map on the dress does not have borders. I did not want to imply anything or any geographical form of Macedonia because, Macedonia lives within every living Macedonian anywhere in the world.

Have you written the text for this song yourself? What about your other songs?
Postojam is a song written by Kuzman Markoski, the music, and me as a lyricist. For the other songs so far I have written both the music and the lyrics.

Have you ever performed in the Diaspora? Or are you planning to do so?
Perhaps not before next year. I would like to finish my first album this year, so that I can have a full album material to present myself before the Diaspora. I would like for my brothers and sisters abroad to see me as a high quality musician and singer, and to be proud of me, and proud with my music.

The clip for one of your other songs, "Volsepstva" was filmed in Cuba right? How did you liked it there? What have you experienced? Have you thought about a duet with some Cuban artists?
I really enjoyed my stay in Cuba. That was in December of last year. There, i definitely was inspired not only by their music and nature, but also the culture in general, the architecture, the cars, the breeze. I did attend a concert of Buena Vista Social Club, but more for my personal inspirational purposes...Who knows, maybe one day there will be a collaboration with some Cuban artist .

What are you working on now? Any new things coming up?
Always working on something new. I just received a confirmation that my song was approved by Makfest, so in October, you can watch me singing at our festival in Shtip. There is another festival this summer, a radio festival for the first time in our country, so I am trying to finish a song for that one before the deadline...

You seem to have a love for oldtimer cars! How come? and do you own a oldtimer yourself?
My vocal coach, singing professor, Goran Dinovski is a president of the old timer society here in Macedonia. So the first contact was through him, but in Cuba, having seen all the old timers alive, the passion grew even stronger. I do not own an old timer, which is not a necessarily permanent condition.

How does your typicall day looks like?
I go to work, at the airport Alexander the Great, where I work as an air traffic controller. After work i usually do some kind of activity related to music, either attending a singing lesson, or going to a studio, or having a creative meeting regarding next project, and in the evening i come my cosy home, where i spend the evening with my husband.

Finally, what do you think of the Macedonia Daily website?
You are doing a really good job: Objectively selecting events, and keeping up-to-date.

MD: Thank you MIYATTA very much for this interview, we wish you much luck and succes with your musical career! You are just another example of how rich our Macedonian musical culture is! And indeed, as you sing, we exist and will exist for ever!

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